Sea Devil Boats

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Sea Devil have a proven history of being an extremely good sea boat and are very popular within the fishing community.


The build quality is of extreme high standards with a fully hand layed hull using the best quality materials available throughout.


The sea devil boats are built using only the latest materials, with a passion for delivering a hi quality Product. The hulls are hand laded (no chopper gun used) this intern give's you a much stronger boat with an even layup of fibreglass with the use of rovings & biaxial material throughout.


These boats have No Timber. All Foam Filled. We back this up with a 10 year structural warranty.


Purpose built for fishing, these boats are all hand layed for maximum strength, A feature of the hull design is a water-ballast system for additional stability at rest. A flow-through section under the floor allows 200lt of water to settle in the hull at

Sea Devil 620

Purpose built for fishing, these boats are all hand layed for maximum strength, When the boat is laying at rest, water floods into this hull chamber, reducing the hull's buoyancy, by making the keel hollow and allowing it to fill up with water, the hull h

Hooker Boats

Expertly crafted for serious fishing....

Hooker Boats are comfortable fibreglass fishing and leisure vessels featuring a specially designed deep vee hull. Hand crafted by Australians for Australians since 1998, Hooker boats are carefully designed and built to compliment outdoor Australian lifestyles and withstand our harsh seas and weather conditions.

The brainchild of commercial fisherman with decades of sea and fishing experience, Hooker boats began designing and fabricating commercial fishing dories and small boats in 1998. Thanks to their insatiable passion for the sea, and constent refining and testing of different boat designs, Hooker boats now have a range of over a dozen quality boats to suit every kind of ocean going lifestyle.

Water, Fishing....Freedom

Hooker boats are designed by Australians for Australians. Our boat designs make smart use of all available space to give you maximum fishing platforms and storage space as well as safe, comfortable ride even in rough sea conditions.

Less Cleaning – More Fishing

Hooker Boats let you spend more time fishing because our clever, no-fuss deck layouts and under floor kill pens are easy to wash and keep your cleaning times to a minimum.

Built Stronger – Last Longer

Made from fibreglass, Hooker Boats are stronger than aluminium boats and are also less likely to puncture on contact with sharp objects. Our signature deep vee fibreglass hull effortlessly cuts through water and absorbs the impact of rough seas. This means you can stay dry in your boat and enjoy a smooth ride that is gentle on your back.

No Corrosion – No Rot

Hooker Boats are 100% fibreglass. They contain absolutely no timber and cannot rot. The large capacity fuel tanks and eskies in all Hooker Boats models are also made from fibreglass, so they wont corrode or crack. Where hardware is used, high quality stainless steel is used to prevent corrosion.

The ultimate outboard motor

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